Our team

Martin Davis

Pastor: Responsible for leading and shepherding the congregation, preaching and teaching the Word of God, and overseeing the spiritual growth and development of the church.

Mary Mitchell

Worship Leader: In charge of planning and leading worship services, including selecting songs, coordinating musicians and vocalists, and creating an atmosphere of praise and adoration.

Ashley Elegant

Outreach Coordinator: Organizes and executes various outreach programs and events to reach and serve the local community, as well as coordinating mission trips and partnership with other ministries.

Mark Maddox

Youth Director: Oversees all aspects of youth ministry, including planning and leading youth group meetings, organizing events and activities, and mentoring and discipling young people.

Anita Wilson

Office Administrator: Handles administrative tasks such as managing church finances, maintaining records and databases, and coordinating communication between church staff, members, and visitors.